Can the provisions of a divorce be changed after finalization?

Additional Information: I had a divorce attorney in Wellesley represent me three years ago in my divorce. Many things have changed since then and I’m thinking instead of going back to the divorce lawyer in Wellesley, it may be best for me to use a divorce mediator.


Once a judgment of divorce has become final, either through a Judge’s decision after a trial or a judgement after an agreement has been approved, the provisions can be modified.  If there has been a change in circumstance since the judgement, one party can file a complaint for modification.  If both parties can come to an agreement through mediation, they can potentially avoid costly legal fees of a contested modification, and file an Agreement for Modification.

We are getting divorced and I want to keep the house in Wellesley.

Additional information: When I got married, I moved into my wife’s house. We are now getting divorced and I want to keep the house in Wellesley. Do I have any rights to it?


The answer to your question depends on various factors. How long have you been married? Have you contributed to the costs of the home or taken care of the home in some way? How long have you lived there? Does your wife want to retain the home? Are there other marital assets? Was a premarital agreement entered into prior to your marriage? Do you want to actually own the home or do you want to live there for a period of time? What was the home worth when you moved in and what is it worth now? Is there equity in the home? Can you afford the mortgage on your own? Are there children involved and where would they live? Depending on the answers to these questions it is possible that you and your wife can work out an agreement for you to remain in the home.