How do I prepare for a custody mediation session?


The first thing to think about and remember is “what is in the best interest of the children?”, not necessarily what may be in the best interest of either parent.  The negative effect of divorce on children is directly related to the level of conflict among their parents, so a parenting plan that both parents feel good about will significantly reduce conflict.

Looking at a calendar, visualizing and plotting out some ideas of sample schedules that will allow the children to spend quality time with both parents can be very helpful.  Think about the kind of relationship you would like to have with your children.  Think about the kind of relationship you would like your children to have with their other parent.  How will that relationship impact the development of their identity and ability to carry out future relationships. How can this relationship be fostered? What if you were in the position of the other parent, how would that affect your answers to these questions.

Attorney Mediator Tracy Fischer is a  Massachusetts child custody mediator with offices in Danvers and Needham, Massachusetts. She provides mediation and family law services to individuals and families throughout the Boston Metro region including Andover, Beverly, Boxford, Burlington, Danvers, Gloucester, Marblehead, Newton, Needham, Peabody, Salem, Tewksbury, Topsfield, Waltham, Watertown,  Wayland, Wellesley, Weston and Wilmington, Massachusetts.

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