Is long distance divorce mediation possible?

Additional Information:

Is mediation possible when one of the parties resides outside of the Boston area, or even outside of Massachusetts?


It is possible though more difficult. If one party is out of Massachusetts it would be preferable that at least some of the meetings take place in person and some meetings could be by conference call. In order for the neutrality of the mediator to remain unquestioned, both spouses would be on the telephone during those conference calls.

In divorce mediation, do we always meet together or can we meet separately with the mediator?


Most often, couples meet together with the mediator. A technique called “caucusing” may be used by a mediator in order to have private conversations with each spouse – in conjunction with meeting together. It would be used for a limited duration- with the main portion of the mediation involving the couple meeting together.

This technique is used with different frequency depending on the particular mediator and the particular circumstances of the couple. For instance, it may be used when emotions are very difficult.  These conversations between the mediator and one spouse are not to be seen as necessarily confidential and can be used to further the mediation process.