How long does divorce mediation take and what do we do regarding parenting schedule in the meantime?

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My husband and I are getting divorced and have both agreed to go through divorce mediation.  It seems that’s the only thing we can agree on.  He already has his own apartment in Peabody, but we can’t agree on how many nights our children can stay over with him.  I think they should be in their own familiar home until everything is sorted out.  I understand mediation can take longer than divorce litigation, how long will it take and what do we do in the meantime while we’re going through the process?


First, it is generally accepted that the time involved in mediation of a divorce is substantially less than time required to litigate a divorce. In mediation the timeframe and frequency of meetings is determined by the couple.  If there is a mutual desire to resolve the divorce it can generally happen quickly.  Divorce litigation is dependent on the schedules of two attorneys and the court system which is often delayed.   Once you start mediation, one of the first things you will discuss will be a parenting plan, both dealing with the immediate situation and how things might look in the future.  The mediator will help the two of you to communicate and figure out collaboratively what is in the best interest of your children.  The mediation process is absolutely the time to come to agreements about how parenting issues will be resolved in real time.

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