Can mediation work if my husband is very powerful?

Additional Information:

My spouse is very powerful and influential, he is the CEO of a Fortune 500  Boston based company.   I, on the other hand, am the opposite, I’m shy and don’t often speak up for myself.  With our personalities, I’m worried I won’t get a fair mediation settlement.  Do I have any hope that divorce mediation will be successful and fair to me?


It is up to the mediator to make sure that the agreement you reach is fair and reasonable.  The experience and skill of the mediator would be of great importance in your situation,  A highly skilled mediator would be able to correct the power imbalance in the mediation enough so that you would be able to have an open and fair discussion.  It would enable the powerful spouse to start to really listen and hear what the less “talkative” spouses concerns really are.  In cases where there are children, and discussions and negotiations will continue during your relationship as parents, a mediation in this context might be a great learning experience for both of you.  Clearly, it is crucial that you have your agreement reviewed by an attorney and that you feel you have all the advice and guidance that you need so that you will end up with an agreement that is fair.

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