I’d like to go through divorce mediation, my wife wants to hire attorneys.

Additional Information:

I have just told my wife that we should divorce. I would like to go through mediation to resolve as many issues as possible but she insists she wants an attorney. During the course of our 5 year marriage she was the bread winner and only at the beginning of this year did she lose her job. Is there a way to ensure we go to mediation before attorneys have to get involved as I would like to keep costs down? I would prefer monies be available to our daughter.  Also, can I request that our daughter taken out of daycare if my wife is not working?


The best way to ensure that you can start mediation before attorneys get involved is to have a frank and honest discussion with you wife about the differences in cost and conflict between mediation and using attorneys.  Encourage her to contact some mediators and talk to them about the process and how it can be helpful especially when children are involved.  You can certainly bring up and discuss the idea of changing the day care routine in mediation or on your own with your wife although it may be more difficult than you think.  You may be involved in a contract, your wife may need the daycare in order to seriously job search and it may not be in the best interest of your child to disrupt a routine during this time that she will be experiencing other significant changes in her life. 

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