Will our divorce mediator help us with financial issues?

Additional Information:

I’ve always been a stay at home mom in Needham to our 3 kids.  My husband and I are divorcing and he recently said that he’d like me to go back to work to help support the kids and with expenses.  I just don’t know how this will all work out.  That would mean I’d have to pay to put our youngest in daycare and figure out afterschool care for the older two kids.  Will our divorce mediator be able to help us figure out how to handle these financial issues?


In working with the mediator, you should bring up your concerns about whether the income you earn would make a significant difference in your family budget if there are to be additional daycare expenses. It may seem like a good idea to your husband right now, but looking at it in dollars and cents with the mediator to see whether there will actually be a financial benefit will be very helpful.  It would be helpful for you to think about what additional expenses you might begin to incur when working. You may think about acknowledging to your husband that you understand there is a need for you to go back to work at some point and that you do have the desire and intention to do so.  By expressing this, you and your husband may be better able to figure out a timeline that would make sense financially for the family as a whole.

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