What’s the best way to handle financial matters in a divorce mediation?

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We’re going through divorce mediation.  What’s the best way to handle the financial matters?  My husband moved out of our Peabody home about a year and half ago.  We’re on good terms and share custody of our 2 children.  He currently pays for extracurricular activities for our 2 children and I’d like to ask him for more financial support.  I am also unsure what to do about filing taxes this coming year.


The answer to your question really depends on what amount of income each of you have. The fact that you share custody of your children is an important factor in how support is determined but most important are your exact incomes. In mediation, you can work together with the mediator to figure out the appropriate amount of support using the child support guidelines and the particular expenses for your children.  It is important for you and your husband to come to some type of agreement on how to file taxes while you are still married.  If one of you chooses to file separately without consulting the other, there may be significant negative tax consequences for one of you.  Again, this is something that can be addresses in mediation. 

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