Going through a divorce with financial matters now my lawyer isn’t returning my calls.

Additional Information:

I work part time as software engineer in Needham, my husband works full time same type of position but he works for a big company in Boston and makes four times what I make. I make $80k, he makes $300k.  We have two young children and have been married 6 years in MA, we’re going through a divorce and now my lawyer is not returning my calls. What can I do?


Given that you have young children, I would recommend that you consider divorcing by using a neutral and independent divorce mediator.  A mediator may be an attorney.  You may use mediation even if you already have an attorney.  At this stage it is so important that you maintain a good working relationship with your spouse, not as husband and wife, but as parents.  By using mediation, you are not flighting against each other but working together to come to a fair and amicable divorce agreement.  Although I understand your questions are about finances, the conflicts and disputes that come up about the finances can often affect your relationship, which has a direct result on how your children will ultimately handle the separation and divorce.  By working together with a mediator, you will be able to figure out how your combined incomes will enable the two of you to live separately.  It is important to choose a mediator who has significant background and experience in this area.  Look at the Mass. Council on Family Mediation website  to find experienced and certified mediators.