Divorce settlement wasn’t fair, I’d like to reduce my Child Support Payment.

Additional Information:

I’d like to take my ex-wife back to court, in hopes of  lowering my Child Support Payment. I pay over 2K a month, but here is the catch, I have the kids 50% of the time per the agreement. I also pay for their cell phones and insurance, and half of everything else (except not clothes).  I understand that in Massachusetts, law calculates child support payment based on my salary and her salary and how many kids we had (2). But I feel that I am getting the short end of the stick here, with no money left to do anything with the kids when I have them. She is living VERY well, better than me (bigger house, nicer car) I thought the law was to make the divorce fair to each party.  What are my chances of reducing my child support if I take her back to court?


Since you each have the children fifty percent of the time and you don’t mention any other difficulties except financial, you may be perfect candidates for mediation. I understand that you would like your child support to be lower, however, I am sure that you do not want to harm the relationship you each have with each other as co-parents. Mediation can provide you with a setting that is more conducive to reaching agreement that will be in the best interests of all involved than “going back to court”. Perhaps there are other changes that need to be addressed at this time. Your agreement may have called for review of each others financial information from time to time. Mediation could provide you with the opportunity to have these discussions in a way that will not cause further damage to your relationship.  

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