I’m afraid I won’t have enough money to hire a divorce attorney

Additional Information:

My husband and are are getting divorced.  We have about 40k in our joint savings account, but if he takes half or more, that doesn’t leave me enough for a lawyer does it?


You may want to consider divorce mediation.  If you and your husband feel that you are able to sit down with a neutral independent third person to help you go through all the issues that you need to decide in coming to a comprehensive divorce agreement, then mediation may be something to consider.  Mediators are often attorneys or therapists and are trained in conflict resolution techniques and in the area of family law.  Often mediated divorces are less expensive and take less time than litigated divorces.  It is important and recommended to use an attorney during the mediation process for advice, consultation as needed, and for review of the agreement.  It is crucial to make sure the mediator you choose is experienced and credentialed in the field of divorce mediation. 

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