My husband and I are separated and I’m left with no health insurance.

Additional Information:

I was in the process of being added to my husband’s health insurance when we separated. He then canceled the process and left me without insurance. In Massachusetts everyone is required to have health insurance coverage.  We have not yet filed for divorce but we no longer live together.  What can I do regarding health insurance coverage as we’re figuring out the divorce details?


This is certainly a difficult situation- perhaps you should consider divorce mediation. The two of you would work with a neutral third person to help figure out the various logistical issues that need to be decided when couples separate and divorce.  It sounds like you were able to figure out how to separate by agreement, which is certainly a good start. The communication between the two of you seems to have broken down and your husband may not realize the situation you are in and how it will also affect him.  The issue of health insurance is extremely important – in mediation you would be able to discuss how long you would be on the policy, how the two of you would deal with the cost, and what would happen when either of you remarry.  There are also many other issues that would need to be addressed in arriving at a comprehensive divorce agreement.  Mediation is a way to divorce in a more amicable and economical way. 

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