My wife and I are divorced, but now I can’t get a loan for my own home.

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I’m recently divorced and my ex-wife can’t refinance our house, so now I can’t get a loan to purchase my own house.  What can I do?


This type of scenario is becoming more and more common given the stricter financing requirements.  This would be a very good situation for mediation. If your divorce agreement does not say what would happen in the event she can’t refinance, the only options are attorneys and court – meaning a judge would have to decide, or the two of you figure out how to deal with this situation by agreement with the help of a neutral third party mediator.  There are various options that a mediator could explore with both of you, such as time frame requirements, considering selling the house etc. These options can be better explored with the two of you together.  You may have come to the agreement that your wife stay in the home for reasons that are still valid, so these concerns would need to be factored in.  If children are involved, mediation is a great option for this type of issue.  You should make every attempt to keep the conflict between the two of you from escalating over this issue for the benefit of your children. 

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