Going through a divorce with financial matters now my lawyer isn’t returning my calls.

Additional Information:

I work part time as software engineer in Needham, my husband works full time same type of position but he works for a big company in Boston and makes four times what I make. I make $80k, he makes $300k.  We have two young children and have been married 6 years in MA, we’re going through a divorce and now my lawyer is not returning my calls. What can I do?


Given that you have young children, I would recommend that you consider divorcing by using a neutral and independent divorce mediator.  A mediator may be an attorney.  You may use mediation even if you already have an attorney.  At this stage it is so important that you maintain a good working relationship with your spouse, not as husband and wife, but as parents.  By using mediation, you are not flighting against each other but working together to come to a fair and amicable divorce agreement.  Although I understand your questions are about finances, the conflicts and disputes that come up about the finances can often affect your relationship, which has a direct result on how your children will ultimately handle the separation and divorce.  By working together with a mediator, you will be able to figure out how your combined incomes will enable the two of you to live separately.  It is important to choose a mediator who has significant background and experience in this area.  Look at the Mass. Council on Family Mediation website  to find experienced and certified mediators. 

Needham Divorce Attorney Tracy Fischer provides divorce mediation services and assists divorcing couples figure out important financial matters.   She works with couples and families in the Greater Boston area including the communities of Needham and in the surrounding towns and cities including: Lincoln, Waltham, Newton, Wellesley, Weston, Wayland and Sudbury.