Can I ask for child support and my husband to move out without an actual divorce?

Additional Information:

My husband and I have decided to separate and will likely get divorced.  What do we do in the meantime in regard to finances and parenting?  I am a stay at home mom in Wellesley so I don’t have my own income.


You may want to consider divorce/family mediation which would allow you and your husband to speak with a neutral mediator to come up with an agreement for a specific period of time.  This agreement might provide for child support, deciding who would live where and how your children will spend time with their father.  It makes sense to take the time to make such an important decision as to whether your want to divorce.  Sometimes a separation and some therapy may make a decision clearer.  Certainly when children are involved, coming to an agreement for how each of you will spend time with the children and where they will live would be better for all.  

Wellesley Divorce Attorney Mediator Tracy Fischer provides divorce mediation services and assists couples figure out important matters related to their children.  She works with families in the Greater Boston area including Wellesley and the nearby communities of: Wayland, Weston, Newton, Needham, Dover, Sherborn and Natick.