Should I consult with a divorce attorney before we begin mediation?

Additional Information:

My husband and I are getting divorced and have agreed to go through mediation. We are on good terms and are basically going to split everything 50:50.  I already have a local Marblehead divorce attorney who will review the final mediation agreement but wondering if I should consult with one before we start mediation or will that just confuse the issues?


The answer to your question is “What would make you most comfortable?” In mediation you will be in the presence of your husband – are there questions that you would like answered privately? The mediator could not do that.  You are in control of the divorce process in mediation- if you feel that you would have more information by seeing an attorney first that would be fine. 

Marblehead Divorce Attorney Tracy Fischer provides mediation services to divorcing couples.  Mediator Tracy Fischer works with families and individuals in the Greater Boston area including Marblehead and the nearby towns of: Peabody, Salem, and Swampscott.