Can I move with my kids before our divorce is finalized?

Additional Information:

My husband and I are getting divorced. Can I move with our kids into my mother’s home in Westwood and enroll them in school there before we complete our divorce mediation?


The most important question here is – does your husband – the children’s father – agree with your decision to move with the kids and enroll them in a different school.  This may be the best solution for all  of you. Have you been able to discuss this issue with your husband?  If he agrees there would be no problem.  If you are unable to discuss it or he does not agree,  mediation would allow the two of you to work with a neutral mediator to agree on decisions that would be in best interest of your children.  You would be able to take time to arrange and plan a parenting plan by agreement. with  the help of a trained professional who would help you to draft a parenting plan that works for your work schedules but also takes into account the developmental stages of your children. 

Westwood Divorce Mediator Tracy Fischer provides mediation services and helps divorcing couples figure out important matters related to their children.  She works with families in the Greater Boston area including Westwood and the nearby towns of: Sherborn, Natick, Dover, Dedham, Needham, Norwood and Medfield.