How hard is it to get a divorce in MA due to adultery?

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I just found out my husband has been cheating on me.  He denies it but I am certain of it.  How hard is it to get a divorce in MA due to adultery?


Adultery is often a symptom of a marriage that may not have been working to begin with.  Although it may feel that this situation is not of your doing and not by your choice, the end result may be a better one for all involved now that you are aware of the true situation.  You may want to consult with an attorney and you also may want to consider divorce mediation.  In mediation the divorce would be based on an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. In mediation, you will have the opportunity to discuss with your spouse the hurt feelings, mistrust and anger that has occurred.  The ability to have a safe forum to air some of these feelings allows people to more easily come to agreements, rather than turn to vindictive actions and attempts to make the other pay, emotionally and financially. Mediation is not the answer for everyone, but it can attempt to address a very difficult situation. 

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