How long do I have to respond to a proposed Divorce Agreement?

Additional Information:

My wife and I are getting a divorce.  Her lawyer sent me the proposed Divorce Agreement. How long do I have to respond?  Is there any limit of days?  What can I do if I do not agree to this proposal?


You may want to consider using divorce mediation  to come to agreements on the area of the proposal that you don’t agree with.  The mediator is a neutral independent professional who would not be representing you or your wife.  Your wife may still use her attorney during the mediation process but it would be the two of you, with the help of a neutral independent third party, who would discuss, gather further information and create various possible options.  The two of you would fairly and equitably work out the details of the divorce agreement so that you both felt that it was fair and reasonable given the circumstances. Mediators have various professional backgrounds and different levels of experience. 

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