My ex comes to my house for his parenting time with our daughter.

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My ex-husband and I still jointly own our home in Dedham where my daughter and I live. He frequently comes to spend his parenting time in my house with our daughter. Our daughter is special needs and we both agreed that I would be a full time stay at home mother in the divorce agreement, and he pays the bills.
Do I have any rights to privacy?


It sounds like you and your daughter’s father have really gone out of your way to make her life as comfortable and consistent as possible.  You have clearly focused on what is in her best interest, and it may have been somewhat to your detriment.  The issue that you are addressing is one that comes up quite a bit in parenting plans like yours.  Privacy is a big concern.  Of course, you have rights to privacy but what is the best way to accomplish this?  If you are unable to discuss with him how his spending time in the home that is your primary residence is affecting you, you may want to consider mediation.  With the help of a neutral third party you and he could address certain ground rules that would make your parenting plan more comfortable for both of you. One idea could be that when he comes over, he only stay in certain parts of the house. As an example, the bedroom area could be off limits.  If it seems that the frequency of his visits is part of the problem, maybe longer time periods that are less frequent could be a solution. Your daughter’s age and the logistics of the current parenting plan are important factors to consider.  He may not be aware of your concerns for privacy, especially since he has a private place for his residence.  You will need to weigh the benefits against the negatives of the current plan you have worked out. Mediation can be a wonderful resource for a situation like this. 

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