A Divorce Expo?

By Tracy Fischer
This weekend, for the first time ever, a divorce expo is being held in Manhattan and the week before in Michigan.  Modeled after the very popular Bridal Expo these events will combine exhibitors like divorce lawyers, mediators, therapists, collaborative law specialists with make up specialists, life and dating coach’s.  One has the tag line Start over Smart and the other Reducing the Impact of Divorce – Learn Interact Inspire.  The latest innovations in cosmetic surgery and ways to rejuvenate oneself with tips on healthy eating and cooking will be just a few of the exhibitors.  These events are not trying to promote divorce, but instead taking a fact of life that most people feel embarrassed and ashamed about when it happens to them and turning it into a positive.  If you are starting over – start over smart! It makes a lot of sense.  People that are in the process of thinking about or going though divorce can turn the situation they are in from one of depression to inspiration.  The opportunity is there to get a great deal of information all in one place. The massage kiosks, dating coach’s, keynotes on the new opportunities in dating on line are all designed to encourage and inspire those attending.  Instead of feeling alone, these events encourage a community of individuals all going through the same life changing event.  And the purpose here is to see life changing for the better. It’s a great idea who’s time has certainly come.  ~ Attorney Mediator Tracy Fischer

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