Can my wife legally keep me from seeing my children while a divorce is in progress?

Additional Information:

My wife recently filed for divorce. We had been separated for about a year beforehand. About 2 weeks before she filed I was unable to reach her or my 2 children.  I used to call the kids every 2-3 days and visit at our home in Dover every 2 weeks or so.  I still haven’t been able to reach the kids or my wife, apart from a single text saying she filed. I haven’t seen or talked to my kids now for over a month. Do I have any options to see them or do I have to file for visitation? Thanks.


You may want to consider talking to your wide about divorce mediation.  If you had been able to work out financial and child related matters for over a year, it seems that something must have happened to cause your wife to start to handle things differently.  Even though she has filed, it doesn’t meant that mediation would not be appropriate – whether or not she has an attorney.  You could consider emailing her about the option of mediation and some names of potential mediators.  You could explain that it would be better for your children in the long run if you could work out a parenting schedule together that would meet both the needs of the children and the parents.  Generally, the cost of mediation is less than an adversarial divorce process and is intended to reduce the conflict between parents at the time of divorce and after. 

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