Can I use mediation for a divorce modification seeking sole custody?

Additional Information:

We have been divorced since 2008 with shared custody.  My ex-husband was supposed to see our son every other weekend and he saw him the first few times then hasn’t seen him since. I just found out he moved to the west coast (we live in Newton, MA).  Since he moved and hasn’t seen our son for 2 1/2 years, I’d like to get a modification seeking sole legal custody. Is this something that can get worked out in mediation if he lives so far away?


While it is certainly important that you know where your son’s father lives it is also extremely important that there is some ongoing communication between the two of you.  Although I don’t know the age of your child, it must be very upsetting and traumatic to your son to have gone so long without seeing (or hearing I assume) from his father.  Mediation can be used with technology like skyping, so it is possible to use mediation in long distance situations.  I would suggest that if the two of you can open some lines of communication – it would be far better for your son in the long run. 

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