Does a soon to be ex-wife have rights to a future inheritance in a divorce?

Additional Information:

My wife and I have been married for 19 years and have 2 kids. We live in the Boston metrowest area and are going to get divorced.  She is after my future inheritance from my mother who lives overseas.  I am the sole beneficiary but nobody knows how much the inheritance will actually be.  Will she have rights to the inheritance?  Also, my mother wants to transfer ownership of an apartment to me so she won’t have to pay tax on the profit of the sale.  I would then leave the apartment to my kids upon my passing. Can my wife go after this property ?


You may want to consider divorce mediation to deal with the issue of inherited assets. Factors to be considered are whether your wife has the possibility of an inheritance in the future or if she had received an inheritance during your marriage that may have been used by you both. The answers to these questions could help the two of you decide together and come to an agreement as to the inheritance you may receive from your mother.  If it is agreed upon that she might be entitled to some part of the inheritance, a percentage could be agreed upon based on what you actually receive.  Also, you might discuss the idea of taking some of the inheritance to be used for college education of your children.  The use of divorce mediation can provide many options and ideas that can be used to address this type of issue. 

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