In the state of MA how do I prove common household?

Additional Information:

I’m paying alimony but my ex wife has had her boyfriend living with her in Danvers  for a year now.  How do I prove they are a common household?


I am assuming that you are inquiring how to modify or stop your alimony payments to your ex-wife given the the new alimony statute.  The new amendments say that general term alimony may be suspended, reduced or terminated if a showing is made that the recipient has maintained a common household with another for at least 3 months. Some of the factors to look at may be statements, economic interdependence, community reputation etc.  You should review your divorce agreement. There may be a clause requiring mediation or other alternate dispute resolution methods to be used in seeking modifications of your agreement before filing with the court.  If your alimony was permanent it can not be modified.  It is likely that you and your ex-spouse would be able to mutually come to an amicable agreement in a  mediation setting without needing to “prove” these factors.  Mediation of this post divorce modification may be far less costly. 

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