Does my husband have a right to a percentage of future inheritance from my mother?

Additional Information:

I am in the process of getting a divorce. In his divorce proposal, my husband is asking for a percentage of a future inheritance I may get from my mother. My mother is still alive and well and I hope will be for quite awhile. Does he have a right to such a claim?


Your husband’s potential for future inheritance is part of the equation.  Has he received an inheritance during the marriage that was used during the marriage? If so, then the idea of receiving a percentage if and when you receive an inheritance is reasonable.  The big questions are: what and how large is the inheritance?  If you are uncomfortable with his receiving a percentage, another optionis to suggest that, if you have children, you will give that percentage to your children.  These and many other options can be raised and discussed in divorce mediation.  Mediation might allow you to have more information as to why your husband is requesting a portion of your future inheritance. 

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