We can’t agree to who gets what property when we divorce.

Additional Information:

My husband and I are divorcing.  He offered to buy our real estate in Dedham, MA for less than the appraisal amount but refuses to buy our vacation property in Florida for the appraisal amount.  I want the property in Dedham and not Florida.  What are my options?


The issue of how property, real estate or otherwise, is assigned to either spouse, is one that is part of a negotiation in the context of a divorce as a whole.  It is up to the two of you to determine, or a judge to decide, who will end up with each property or if you cannot agree, the property would need to be sold. You may want to consider divorce mediation, which would allow the two of you to decide for yourselves, with the help of a trained mediator, how your assets will be divided between you. You may need to put these properties on the market if you can’t agree on buy- out prices, or who will get each property. Mediation can allow you a supportive and neutral environment to work through these issues.

Dedham Divorce Mediator and Attorney, Tracy Fischer provides divorce mediation services and helps divorcing couples figure out important financial matters and division of property.  She works with families and individuals in the Boston Metro West area including the communities of : Dedham, Dover, Newton, Needham, Sherborn, Watertown, Wellesley, Weston.