Getting divorced. I am getting divorced. Am I obligated to keep my ex on my health insurance?

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I am providing health care for my children aswell. She works and has for a few years. Her job offers health insurance. What if one of us were to remarry?


Usually couples want to make every effort to minimize additional costs at the time of separation and divorce. Adding an additional individual medical insurance policy would be significant additional cost. Additionally all insurance paid to insure the family is used as a deduction to income in calculation of the child support guidelines. So adding health insurance costs could actually increase a child support payment. A good divorce agreement would deal with all the expected and unexpected circumstances that may arise such as remarriage, new job, loss of a job or change in health insurance benefits. You may want to consider divorce mediation which would allow you and your spouse to amicably arrive at a divorce agreement in a neutral setting while getting all the legal information that you need to make informed decisions. 

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