Have a job offer but it is a reduction in pay, will I get modification to alimony?

Additional Information:

I have been ordered to provide alimony to my wife, and I’ve been doing that for some months now. I have a new management job offer in Brazil where I’m originally from, and I want to really take it. Problem is when converting my pay back to US dollars, it reduces my pay significantly by 40%. Can I take up the job first and then apply for a modification? Please advise if that is the right way to go about this situation.


You may want to consider post-divorce mediation to deal with a modification to your original divorce agreement.  You would be able to meet with your ex-wife together with a neutral trained mediator to deal with the issues that would arise with your new work position.  Your ex-wife may be able to understand the opportunity that this job offer affords you: promotion to management and, a move back to your home country.  You could frame this as a positive opportunity for you, and not a negative turn of events for her.  You may be able to reach agreement with a reduction in alimony over a period of  time.  You may be offered some incentives to move, you may be able to live with family for a while,  and the cost of living in Brazil is less than the US.  You may be able to reach a compromise through a mediated communication with your ex-spouse.  You would be able to save time, financial costs of an adversarial modification hearing and the emotional costs by working this issue out with your ex-spouse.  Most probably she has made her  future plans expecting this additional support – her expectations would need to be addressed.  Please  consider the benefits of mediation in your particular situation.

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