Does child support continue if daughter is pregnant and not in school?

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Do I have to pay child support in Massachusetts if my 19 year old daughter is pregnant and working and not a full time student? I have a current order to pay weekly support.


You may want to consider, in addition to getting legal advice from an attorney, the option of post divorce mediation. You and your ex-spouse may be able to come to an agreement, with the help of a neutral and experienced mediator, as to how and when to modify or terminate the support arrangements. Your daughter, and her future plans, may have an impact on some of the decisions that you and your ex-spouse are going to make. The opportunity to have communication with your ex-spouse and for both of you to understand the full extent of her plans relative to how she will care for her child and continue to work. Is the father of her child involved in her life and will he be a support to her and the child? All of these are questions that you and your ex-spouse must be concerned about. Mediation would give the two of you the opportunity to discuss them in a comfortable and neutral setting and hopefully make future plans and agreements that will be beneficial to all of you. 

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