MA Laws regarding grandparent visitation?

Additional Information:

We are getting divorced after an 8 year marriage. We have 3 young children and haven’t figured out the children’s schedule and both sets of grandparents want to see the kids too. I’ve heard some states have laws in regards to grandparents rights.  What are the laws, if any, in MA regarding grandparent visitation?


Grandparents can petition a probate court asking for visitation of their grandchildren where the parents are divorced or married but living separately.  The grandparents must show that visitation with them is in the best interest of the child.  Practically,  scheduling time so that grandparents can spend time with their grandchildren is something that usually can be done by agreement.  Commonly, grandparents see the grandchildren during the time that their child has the children.  This is an issue that can be part of a mediated  divorce agreement,  the time that the children would be with grandparents clarified so that both parents feel comfortable with the plans. 

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