If I worked part time am I entitled to alimony?

Additional Information:

My husband and I both worked full-time early in our marriage–both professionals with careers. Once our child was born he refused to help with transport of our child to/from daycare (citing he could no longer take the express train) so I was left on my own. After 9 months of handling 90% of the child transport + domestic chores + working full-time, utterly exhausted, I elected to work part-time with NO possibility of advancement until I returned to full-time status. My husband’s career/schedule was unaffected. I am filing for divorce soon. If I worked part-time for 12 years, am I entitled to alimony? How much am I entitled to? Is there a formula?  He presently earns twice as much as I do. We have been married 15 years.


Depending on a many other factors, including where the child resides, child support and general living expenses, the circumstances you describe could very likely warrant alimony. The alimony statute outlines various factors that can help determine the amount of alimony, but factors such as child support are involved.

You may want to consider divorce mediation as a way of working with a neutral, trained professional experience in conflict resolution techniques. The option to mediate allows divorcing couples to communicate directly about the issues that need to be addressed such as parenting and financial issues. The issue of alimony would be addressed in the context of all your financial issues, income, assets, debts and expenses.