We are getting divorced and selling our Watertown home.

Additional Information:

My husband and I have decided to get divorced and to sell our Watertown home. Recently he became angry and threatening so I moved to my brothers. My husband is living in the house and will not leave. I will be paying the mortgage alone and want to know if there is any way I can get him out. He found a rental property but refuses to leave the house. I cannot go to my home as I am scared of him. Do I have any rights?


From your question, it sounds like you and your husband have made certain agreements to deal with the financial aspects of your divorce.  It seems as though something happened, or emotions have become more difficult, and now he is not willing to go along with the plans you had made.  You may want to consider divorce mediation as a way for you and your husband to meet in a safe and supportive environment with a neutral mediator.  The mediator is a trained professional skilled in reducing conflict and helping couples come to lasting and equitable agreements about their property and families.  From your question, it sounds like you are afraid to be alone with him.  You would have to determine whether you are comfortable meeting with him with a neutral third party.  

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