Getting divorced on irreconcilable differences

Additional Information: I have friends who are married, both with learning disabilities. They want to get divorced based on irreconcilable differences. They don’t have children, only a house with a mortgage – how does that work?


This couple may benefit from divorce mediation which would allow them to meet with a neutral professional trained mediator to help them work through the details that they need to decide in coming to a comprehensive divorce agreement. Mediators can be lawyers or mental health professionals and they act as objective, neutral parties to bring about agreement. Depending on the extent of their disabilities, they may decide that each would bring a parent or other person for support to assist them in the mediation. Mediation seeks to reduce the conflict inherent in the divorce process and allow couples to divorce amicably and economically. Often couple can divorce more quickly through mediation than through the usual divorce process. The Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation has a website with a referral list of mediators in your area.