My husband controls all the money. How can I afford a divorce lawyer?

Additional Information: We have been married for 32 years. I stayed home to raise our two children. When they were older I starting working until I got laid off fairly recently. Last year I developed many health issues that caused me to not be able to work. I work part time now despite health issues. My husband controls all the money and gives me less and less to pay the bills. I do not make a lot of money. Who moves out since I can’t afford a hotel or apartment? Do I have to work full time despite health concerns or would I be entitled to alimony?

Answer: I am sorry that you are dealing with these difficult health issues.  First, given the length of your marriage and the health and financial issues you would certainly be entitled to alimony.  The question of whether you would need to work in the future and for whether part time or full time would be something you would need to decide.  Depending you your husband’s salary, the amount of alimony alone might night be enough to support all you expenses.  If you were to contact a lawyer, the lawyer would be able to ask the court for funds from your husband to pay for your attorneys fees.  You might want to consider mediation as a way to conserve your marital funds and arrive at together at a mutually agreeable divorce agreement.  A trained neutral mediator, often a lawyer, would assist the two of you in reviewing your finances and coming up with an agreement that is fair and equitable to both of you.  The issue of how your finance are controlled or who moves out might be one of the first things addressed in mediation and an agreement could be reached regarding cash flow or living arrangements on a temporary basis.  This would allow you both some flexibility and time which you are working in mediation on a full and complete agreement of all the issues.