Will using a mediator put me at a financial disadvantage?

Additional information:  My husband and I separated last fall. I have always homeschooled my children (something we both agreed upon). I have a M.S. in Nutrition and up until this past January, I have put my career on hold to homeschool the kids. I think that I have a right to get 50% of our combined earned income as support. I have been home for 14 years nurturing, raising and educating our children. Before doing this, I was earning a good living in my mid-twenties ($55,000/yr). He wants to use a mediator. I am worried that these things won’t be considered and I will be at a financial disadvantage.

Answer: In divorce mediation the issues of one spouse putting their career on hold for the benefit of the children and family is certainly addressed and considered in perspective with all the other issues that need to be addressed. The capabilities of each spouse to earn through employment in the future would also be addressed. Using a lawyer and/or financial advisor during the mediation may be a very helpful approach for you. You would certainly not be in any way disadvantaged financially or otherwise in mediation especially because you seem to have an understanding of what you would like to see happen.