Can I petition to change our visitation schedule?

Additional Info: My ex and I are in the process of divorce and have a custody agreement, and temporary orders set in place. He has our 1 year old son every Monday over night into Tuesday. However, he works Mondays and Tuesday, and pawns my son off on his family. He also has our son every other weekend. I am perfectly able to care for my son during those days that he is not available. I am looking to petition for visitation on alternating weekends only for him. Is that acceptable?

Answer: Certainly talk to your attorney. For a 1 year old particularly- not seeing a parent for almost 2 weeks is a very long time. It is really important for a young child to see the parent he is not living with as frequently as possible. That is why a weeknight is often included in a parenting plan- so that the child can spend time with the parent on the week that they would not be seeing them and for a shorter period of time. Perhaps an adjustment to this schedule may have a better result for both of you? A night that “dad” is not working- and more towards the middle of the week. or the evening and overnight with dad and the daytime with you if you are not working. Perhaps there is one weekday that dad can leave work early and stay late on another day to make up for it when the child is not with him. This overnight can also allow you to use the time for something that you need to do. It is so important to encourage the relationship that each parent has with their child. Your child will have immense benefits over his entite life by being able to build a solid relationship now with his father. These adjustments to the schedule will happen over many years of your son’s life. When your din enters school schedules may change. It is so helpful to look at them as opportunities to increase the bonds that your son has with both his mother and his father.