With the new Massachusetts Divorce laws on alimony, can my alimony be ceased due to new circumstances?

Additional Info: I have been divorced for over 27 yrs. and am still paying alimony. I am now 72 yrs. of age and live solely on social security.


Answer: With the new changes in the law it is possible that your alimony obligation would be modified however, what your divorce agreement or judgment says is very relevant. You may want to consider mediation as a way for you and your ex-spouse to come to a fair resolution of this issue. In mediation, you both would meet together with a neutral, objective mediator who would help the two of you disclose your financial circumstance to each other and then review your financial circumstances so that each of you understands the position of the other. Then the mediator would help the two of you discuss the changes that may be fair, help you to understand the legal information that has changed since the time of your divorce and finally to craft an agreement that meets with both of your approval. Mediation is often less expensive and less time consuming than the traditional adversarial process of a court modification. I hope this information will be of help to you.

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