Is it common to have second thoughts about signing our settlement agreement?

Additional Info: My spouse and I are going to be signing our settlement agreement this week. But I am having second thoughts about parts of the agreement. I am not so sure I want to sign because of that. As I read over the agreement days prior to signing, I am not so sure now. I know once it is signed by the parties, it is very difficult to change, if at all. I am really thinking about holding off on signing it until I figure these things out. Is it fairly common to have second thoughts at the end? Should I proceed with signing it anyway or hold off until I get things figured out?

You should absolutely wait to sign until you are sure of all the parts of your agreement. If you have an attorney, discuss these issues again with your attorney. Perhaps you need a financial advisor or Certified Divorce Financial Analyst to review it with you and to make sure that your financial needs have been given proper consideration. Your agreement is not final until it is signed and approved by the Judge, but it is more difficult to change once it is signed. You may always have some unease with different parts of the agreement. Looking at the whole agreement you need to decide if the complete agreement is fair and equitable. Do certain parts that may be more favorable to you make up for any concessions or areas where you are more concerned? You can be upfront and explain to your spouse that you have some concerns and need time to make sure that the decisions you are making are right for you. It is far better for everyone to do this now, rather than later when it would be more difficult and maybe not possible to change. It is common to have second thoughts as with any major and difficult life decisions, but your second thoughts are telling you something and you should listen to them.