Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a viable and affordable alternative for couples seeking an amicable and timely resolution.

An experienced mediator assists separating and divorcing couples in taking control of planning their own lives, and will provide an environment in which the couple can make good decisions about their future.

It is especially beneficial for parents, who though separating, will need to continue making joint decisions about their children well into the future. The decision-making process implemented by a trained divorce mediator can serve as a model for future communications between all parties.

Statistically, mediated divorce settlements have a consistently higher compliance rate because the husband and wife have created their own agreement.

Contested Divorce Process.

Many individuals wonder how long it takes to get divorced in Massachusetts.  Under Massachusetts law you may file a divorce complaint as a Contested Divorce on the basis of fault of the other party, or on the ground of irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. If you proceed with a Contested Divorce, the Court cannot enter a Judgment of Divorce for at least six months after the filing of the complaint. Due to the sheer volume of cases pending in the Massachusetts Probate and Family Courts, realistically, resolution of a Contested Divorce case will take well in excess of six months.

Uncontested Divorce Process.

As an alternative procedure, you and your spouse may file for an Uncontested Divorce in Massachusetts by filing a Joint Petition for Divorce. To do so, you and your spouse must first reach an understanding on all relevant issues. A trained and experienced divorce mediator can assist couples in arriving at an agreement regarding issues about the division of property, co-parenting arrangements, and extent to which, if any, child support or alimony shall be paid by one party, as well as many other potential issues. An executed comprehensive written agreement incorporating all of the terms is prepared by the mediator and can be submitted to the Court.

When the case is uncontested, there is no minimum amount of time that must pass before the Court may enter Judgment of Divorce. Therefore, the Court may schedule a hearing on a Joint Petition for Divorce soon after it is filed thus significantly reducing time, costs and stress to all parties involved.