Attorney Tracy Fischer

Tracy has been Certified as a Divorce Mediator by the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation for over 15 years.  In order to be one of the small number of certified mediators in Massachusetts she has been deemed to have significant mediation experience, advanced training and education.  This certification must be renewed every two years with an additional twenty hours of training.  In addition, Tracy has recently been appointed as chairperson of the certification committee of MCFM and will be working to promote these high standards for the practice of divorce mediation. MCFM is the only family mediation organization in Massachusetts that has standards for certification of divorce mediators.

Tracy’s BA Degree from Tulane University in Psychology and J.D. degree from Suffolk University School of Law provide her with the background to work with people who are in emotional crisis and to assist them in crafting legally binding divorce agreements. Tracy is a Certified Massachusetts Divorce Mediator and Board Member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation.

Tracy is a trained divorce mediator and has over 25 years of experience assisting couples in achieving an amicable resolution to an often expensive, stressful and emotional experience.  Mediator Tracy Fischer provides answers to questions regarding divorce and guides couples through complex issues regarding the division of property, emotional issues of co-parenting arrangements, and financial issues involving child support or alimony responsibilities.