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Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce. Your divorce doesn’t have to be financially and emotionally devastating. Divorce mediation in Massachusetts allows divorcing and separating couples to collaboratively come to mutually beneficial and equitable decisions about their children, finances and property.

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Family and divorce mediation is by far the least damaging alternative to other methods of resolving conflict especially to litigation, where the emotions are inflamed and relationships can be damaged beyond repair. When the parties feel safe and in more control they are more motivated to work together and craft an outcome in which everyone has ownership. In contrast, couples involved with arbitration or litigation rely on an arbitrator or judge for a decision as to who wins or loses.

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Mediation is cost effective, faster, and less stressful than litigation.

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The adversarial divorce process can be intense as it involves discovery (interrogatories, requests for admission, depositions, subpoenas for documentary evidence, etc.) often followed by trial, all of which can be costly in time, money, and emotions. Even divorces negotiated by attorneys can cause additional stress on all members of the family. During and after the adversarial process the children often feel or witness the increased tensions and animosity that happens between parents. They often feel forced to choose between the parents or blame themselves for the break-up and resulting litigation. As a result, the children can become emotionally damaged, which affects relationships with parents, siblings, and even romantic partners in the future.

By leveraging a well-structured collaborative family and divorce mediation process, Attorney Tracy Fischer assists couples in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution, in a safe environment that promotes collaboration and provides guidance through every stage of the divorce process.

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Learn how mediation can help you quickly and confidently
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